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Brand Design

The Corporate Identity of your company plays a vital role in all aspects of business leaving an impact on your customer’s first and last impressions. A strong corporate brand will give you a marketing advantage above your competitors. A consistent branding throughout your marketing materials will send out a strong message to your clients! A great brand will make your business easily identifiable within our competitive business world.

A powerful brand can be realized through a consistent message of materials including:

  • Corporate colors and style
  • Unique logo
  • Corporate message or slogan
  • Website
  • Brochures, flyers and handouts
  • Event, promotional items and exhibition branding
  • Outdoor signage and pull-up banners
  • Office stationary (Letterheads, envelopes, notepads, carry bags etc)
  • Branded templates (email signatures, Microsoft Office templates)

Logo design

The foundation and inspiration of your branding is hidden behind your business Logo. A logo is a simple yet powerful identification that sends an emotion to your customers (that emotion may be positive or negative depending on their experience with your company). Inherited arts knows how important it is to get the right logo for your business. Let us help you discover the next iconic million dollar logo!

Stationary design

As any successful business owner knows, the small details can make the difference whether you win that next contract or customer. Incorporating a consistent brand throughout your business stationary (both online and printed materials) will provide comfort to your clients that they are dealing with a professional organization. Inherited arts designers are ready to build your brand now! Contact us now to find out how.

Promotional items design

Ever seen Microsoft or Ferrari manufacturing coffee mugs? With the help of the promotional items your brand can make an impact on your customers at any time of day. Branding promotional give-away items intelligently will create an emotional attachment with your target audience for the long term. Inherited arts has the creative know-how and a reliable supply chain to produce innovative solutions for your brand to succeed.